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Battery Inustry

Laser Particle Size Analyzer Application in Battery Materials Industry

The battery industry have a high requirement on particle size test

Take Lithium battery for example, cathode material include: lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide; graphite-based anode materials. Whatever the material, particle size uniformity and single crystal particles size are 2 biggest factors of affecting the effectiveness and safety.

Take Graphite for example

In the lithium battery material, negative electrode material is the key to determine the battery performance. Graphite is an ideal negative electrode materials, and National graphite is widely use because of rich source, low price, excellent performance and strong market competitiveness after modification.

As a highly crystalline graphite material, natural graphite powder particle size  has a greater impact on of the initial charge and discharge capacity of the lithium battery. By now, the global highest manufacturing level of graphite material particles size is within 3um. But smaller particle size, Flexural strength will be greatly decreased. Firstly, internal electrode will crack in the production, secondly, There will be broken phenomenon when use under high temperature, affecting the life of graphite. So generally ,large mode of graphite electrodes do not use small particles.

So how to precisely analyze the particle size distribution of graphite powder is most concerned by manufacturers and users. In order to improve the particle distribution and control of particle size, particle size can be detected by the laser Particle Size Analyzer.

Battery Inustry

According to customers' requirement and feedback, Winner produced Winner2000E Laser particle size analyzer with wet sampling mode to test graphite particle size distribution, this model is high efficient-cost with good performance, After several technology upgrade during more than 10 years, Its test result is very mature and stable, became the first choice of graphite particle size test.

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