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Cosmetics production

Particle size is a key indicator of the final properties of cosmetics.

Among spray cosmetics, antiperspirants and hair sprays are typical examples. If the particle size of the deperspirant is too small, it will not be able to block the pores on the skin and will not be able to prevent sweating. The holding power (hardness) of hairspray is directly dependent on the particle size of the gel produced in the jar of hairspray. And the particle size of the hairspray cannot be too small, otherwise the hairspray will be inhaled into the body of the user and cause harm.

The color density of common facial care products is affected by pigment type and particle size distribution. By changing the particle size distribution, different degrees of gloss or frosting effects can be obtained: a wider particle size distribution can achieve a greater frosting effect. The bleeding or feathering effect is affected by the number of fine particles in the product, which also affects the adhesion of the product. When formulating eye shadow, the product needs to be durable. A good eye shadow is uniform and has small particle size. Tight particle size control of the matrix can help formulators achieve better product results. Particle size testing and control of cosmetic powders and emulsions can be monitored through the world's cutting-edge laser particle size testing method. Winner2308 is a dry and wet fully automatic large-range laser particle size analyzer developed by Jinan Winner Particle Instrument Co., Ltd. for particle size testing of cosmetic powder emulsions. It has the characteristics of simple and fast, comprehensive testing and high accuracy in particle size testing.

Cosmetics production

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