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Laser Particle Size Analyzer Application in Non-metallic

Nonmetallic mineral particle size distribution needs is different from powder metallurgy industry, common nonmetallic minerals include calcium carbonate, barite (barium sulfate), microsilica etc. China Nonmetallic mineral powder industry has formed a fairly large scale, heavy calcium carbonate, precipitated calcium carbonate,kaolin, asbestos, talc, mica, ceramic raw materials (clay minerals),magnesite, silica sand, quartz and other nonmetallic minerals powders are growing year by year.

Development Trend of nonmetallic mineral powder industry is marketoriented, in order to enhance the technical content of nonmetallic mineral powder and application performance products for the purpose of saving resources and energy. Mineral materials particle size and particle size distribution and particle shape have a significant impact on nonmetallic mineral properties or features. Many features of nonmetallic mineral powder,  such as in polymer matrix composites reinforced or reinforcement resistance, strength and toughness of ceramic materials, as paper and paint pigments cover rate, color strength and powders electricity,magnetis, light resistance, absorbing and shielding, catalysis, adsorption, Rheology, antibacterial, bleaching, Which are related to its particle size, particle size distribution and particle shape etc.particle characteristic.

Particle size measurement and control technology is very important part to enhance the technology content of nonmetallic mineral powder products, It's the key to choose right particle size testing method and laser particle size analyzer. Characteristics of nonmining industry sample is not uniform and wide particle size distribution,which have higher demand for particle size measurement and control technology.

Laser Particle Size Analyzer Application in Non-metallic

Take Mica as a example:

Mica is a layered silicate structure, similar chemical composition, structure to kaolin, dispersed in water, and the dispersion/suspension is good.

Anhui Heng Hao Technology Co., Ltd. professional developed and produced mica for cosmetics, sericite powder, gold mica,siliconetreated powder, activated bentonite etc. Henghao technical team has always focused on deep processing of mica High quality natural mica, sericite ore for 20 years through a unique wet grinding, purification, grading, activation, coating technology, manufacturing crystal clear, silky soft natural mica, sericite powder. Tey choose winner2000ZDE to testing mica, particle testing accuracy and repeatability are good.

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