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Paint and coating industry

How to choose laser particle size analyzer for powder coating?

Paint Particle size distribution have specific impact of electrostatic spray powder coating performance:

1, Appearance, leveling

In general, the smaller the particle size powder, the better leveling when cured coating, the coating appearance is more smooth, but proportional to the square of the particle  size of the charged powder, the powder is too fine reduced chargeability, coating  construction efficiency will drop, ultra-fine powder (particle size <10μm) is substantially uncharged.

2, The extraction rate

The extraction rate and charging performance powder coating itself has an important relationship. Improve paint particles with electricity, the extraction rate will increase.Particle charge amount and particle size proportional to the square. Increasing the particle size, coating particles with the increase in electricity, the extraction rate increased. But the size of the particles can not be too large, the particle size is too large, gravity paint particles exceeds aerodynamic and static electricity, but to make the extraction rate is reduced.

3, Recovery

Powder coatings in the production and use of recycled powder there are problems, as usually, When powder particle size <10μm,ultra-fine powder recovery rate is low, when the powder particle size> 10μm powder coating recovery time rising rapidly, and the powder recovery with the particle size increases.

Based on the above reasons, it can be said that the particle size distribution of the powder coating particles largely affects the performance and efficiency of powder coatings.Therefore, the need for particle size measurement equipment monitoring product quality and new products and technology research and development assistance.

Corresponding to the needs of the powder coating particle test, We developed a Winner318 split spray laser particle size analyzer,It is a userfriendly automated laser particle size analyzer which adopt the principle of Fraunhofer diffraction and typical parallel test technology and spectrum light amplification technology, the range of the limited space in a wide range of extensions and add more secondary integrated photodetectors, can effectively collect test range scatteredlight corresponding to the respective angles to achieve the accuracy and reliability of the test within the full scale. In addition, to avoid a powder, mist and other pollution on the lens in the testing process, the design airflow protection system can effectively protect the lens. Split structure and adjustable test area, to meet any need occasion spray test, with a noncontact measurement of powder, particles do not interfere with the characteristics of the flow field, make operation easier and the results more stable. This instrument produces conform to the coatings market demand, focus on the development trend of electrostatic spray powder coating is the preferred partner and right-hand man paint related particle testing.

Paint and coating industry

Customer application case:

Beijing Ming Jie Coating Equipment Co., Ltd. is an innovative coating technology company, has specialized technical center for product quality controland research and development. In recent years, because the production needs of the development of new highefficiency electrostatic spray powder coating equipment and other products, in cooperation with Jinan Winner particle Instruments Incorporated,use Winner318 split spray laser particle size analyzer for process improvement. Multiple factors relevant product powder particle size measurements for testing study, through the analysis of test products for quality testing and optimization of technical basis.

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