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  • Winner2000E Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzer

  • Winner2000E Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzer

  • Winner2000E Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Winner2000E Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzer

As high efficient-cost model, winner2000E laser particle size analyzer with wet dispersion is most economical and popular since launched, After more than ten years of tests and numerous technical improvements, the structure and software are very mature, stable performance, It could meet industrial testing general requirements.

Products Description

Main Specification:

Model NameWinner2000E
StandardISO13320-1:2009, GB/T19077.1-2016, Q/JWN001-2020
Measuring Range0.1μm-300μm
Channels Number39
Accuracy<0.5% (National Standard Sample D50 )
Repeatability<0.5% (National Standard Sample D50 )
Light sourceHigh performance He-Ne Laser (λ= 632.8nm, P>2MW,Life >25000hour)

Dispersion Method

(Can be upgraded to solvent type)

UltrasonicFrequency:40KHz Power:35W, Time: ≥1S
StirRevolutions Speed: 0-300RPM (Adjustable)
CirculateRated Flow:8L/min Rated Power:10W
Sample PoolVolume:350mL
Micro-Sample PoolVolume: 10mL ( Optional)
Operation ModeDisplay control+computer analysis
Optical Calibration SystemManual
Test Speed<2mins for each time
Net Weight25Kg
Warranty2 years

Main Features:

1)Mie Scattering Theory

2)High efficient-cost model, semi automatic key-operation.

3)Full built-in integrated dispersion system, contains Ultrasonic stirring, ultrasonic dispersion and circualte system, prevent large particle sediment in the pipe.

4) Unique unconstrained free fitting technology, make particle analysis not restricted by any function, truly reflect particles distribution, ensure the good accuracy.

5) Converging light Fourier transform light path, efficiently improve resolution ratio of sub-micron particles.

6)Main& auxiliary detectors are log-shaped, guarantee the effective capture of the scattered signal.

Software Function:

1, Analysis Mode

Free Distribution, R-R Distribution, Logarithm Normal Distribution, Mesh number classification etc. meet different demands of particle size statistic in different industries.

2,Statistic Method

Volume Distribution, Quantity Distribution

3,Statistic Comparison

Several Testing Results of samples

Different batches of samples testing result,

Samples before and after processing,

Test result of samples in different time.

4,User-defined Analysis

Figure out percentage according to the particle size

Figure out particle size according to the percentage

Figure out percentage according to the particle size range

Meet demands of representation of particle test in different industries.

5,Test Report

Word, Excel,Photo( Bmp), Text etc.

6,Multi-language Support

Chinese&English (Others are available)

7,Intelligent Operation Mode

Automatically control water inflow, dispersion,test and analysis.

Better Repeatability after remove human-factor


Winner2000E Laser Particle Size Analyzer is widely used for test particle size distribution of cement, ceramic, medicine, emulsion, dope, dye, padding, chemical products, catalyst, drilling fluid, abrasive, lubricant, braize, cell, germ, food, additive, pesticide, explosive, graphite, photosensitive material, fuel, ink, metal and nonmetal powder, calcium carbonate, kaolin, water-coal-slurry and other powder materials.

Winner2000E Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Operation Interface:

ⅠOperation interface:

Run the software, access control systems interface, manually start the sample testing.

ⅡTesting analysis interface and report

After completed test, according to requirement to select records, Average result will be calculated, system generate analysis records form. When test in automatic mode, without data processing, the system automatically get analysis report and save the test records after a comprehensive analysis.

Winner2000 Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Instrument work principle:

Winner2000 Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Adopt Patents Technology:

● Optical bench design is protected by patent No.- ZL 2014 2 0378380.8,

● MIE scattering principle application patent is protected by patent No.- ZL 2013 2 0812021.4.

● Wet circulation installation is protected by patent No.-ZL2010 2 0593526.2.


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