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The importance of laser particle size analyzer in coal particle size detection(1)

May. 24, 2024

Coal powder

Coal is mainly composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus. The sum of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen accounts for more than 95% of organic matter. It is a very important energy source and an important raw material for the metallurgical and chemical industries. Lignite, bituminous coal, anthracite, and semi-anthracite are classified into several categories.

The main physical properties of pulverized coal include the following aspects: Particle Properties Pulverized coal is composed of particles of different sizes and irregular shapes. Generally, the diameter of pulverized coal particles ranges from 0 to 1000um, with most particles ranging from 20 to 50um; Density The density of pulverized coal is small. The bulk density of newly ground pulverized coal is about (0.45-0.5) t/m3. After storage for a certain period of time, the bulk density is (0.8-0.9) t/m3; pulverized coal has fluidity. The particles are very fine, and the unit mass of coal powder has a large surface area, and the surface can absorb a large amount of air, making it fluid. This characteristic makes the pulverized coal easy to pneumatically transport. The disadvantage is that it is easy to form self-flow of pulverized coal, and it is easy to leak powder when the equipment is not tight.


226. The importance of laser particle size analyzer in coal particle size detection(1)

During the transportation process, pulverized coal is suspended in the air to form dust due to external interference such as vibration, collision or wind of equipment operation. If workers in the workplace do not wear protective equipment, it can easily cause occupational hazards such as pneumoconiosis. When pulverized coal reaches a certain concentration in the air, it will explode under the action of external high temperature, collision, friction, vibration, open flame, and electric sparks.

The air wave generated after the explosion will cause the deposited dust to fly, causing a secondary explosion accident.


In today's world, industrial boilers consume a huge amount of coal for heating. Therefore, the pulverized coal industry has become an important energy industry in the world and has received widespread attention.












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