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Convenient measurement and wide application of spray laser particle size analyzer

The spray laser particle size analyzer tests the particle size distribution based on the physical phenomenon that the particles can scatter the laser light. Due to the good monochromaticity and strong directionality of the laser, the laser light will irradiate to infinity in the infinite space without obstacles, and there is little divergence during the propagation process.

The spray laser particle size analyzer is an instrument for quickly measuring the particle size distribution of powders. It has the following characteristics and uses:

1. Rapid measurement: No sample pretreatment is required, and powder samples can be sprayed directly into the measurement area. The entire measurement process only takes a few seconds.

2. Wide measurement range: It can measure samples within the particle size range of 0.1 micron to 1 mm. Different particle size ranges only need to replace different lens combinations.

3. Sufficient statistics: tens of thousands of effective particle size data can be obtained in a single measurement, and the statistical analysis results are reliable.

4. Wide range of uses: It can be used for particle size analysis of powder materials in food, medicine, mineral processing, new materials and other industries.

5. Simple structure: Modular design is adopted, which is easy to operate and maintain.

6. High precision: the advanced algorithm is used to analyze the particle size distribution, and the result has high precision.

7. High reliability: The stable helium-neon laser light source ensures long-term stable operation of the instrument.

8. Automation: It can be equipped with an automatic sampling module to realize unattended operation.

In short, the spray laser particle size analyzer is easy to operate, rapid and efficient in measurement, and is an ideal particle size analysis instrument for powder samples.

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