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Advantages of laser particle analysis in industry

The equipment which is used to measure particle size is the standard sieve, but it can only measure the size of one or several points of the size of the sieve margin, can not give a detailed size distribution; and the labor intensity of the test is large, low precision. Later developed to use the sedimentation type particle size meter measurement, although it can measure the size distribution, but the operation is more complicated, poor reproducibility, narrow measuring range. The latest method is the laser particle size analyzer. Because it has wide measurement range, good repeatability, high speed, easy operation and other advantages, is very suitable for the use of color glaze industry.

The problems encountered in the application of laser particle size analyzer in industry

Application of Laser Particle Sizer is obviously helpful to promote the technological progress of Chinese color glaze industry. In the promotion of the process, also encountered some problems, mainly in two aspects:

1, Compared with the results of traditional sieving method

Color glaze industry with the traditional sieving method to detect the product size. Although the method is relatively backward, but in the whole industry has been widely recognized. So some of the initial use of laser particle size instrument users always take a laser particle size analyzer in a particle size point of the cumulative value of the screen and the percentage of the screen under the comparison, the requirements of the two. Intuitively, this contrast is a matter of course. However, particle size measurement and general physical and chemical measurements are totally different: the two different principles of particle size measurement methods test results should be inconsistent, consistent with the contrary is a special case, or after the adjustment of the.

Restricted by the influence of traditional ideas, thinking habits or traditional production process, sometimes the user may not understand or test results strongly modify the laser particle size analyzer instrument supplier of these differences, the results are consistent with the traditional. Since the laser particle size analyzer uses a computer as a component, it is not difficult to make such a change. The problem is the distortion of the test results after the modification. So it is best to allow users to gradually accept the results of the laser particle size meter. It is clear that the laser particle size instrument is already a mature instrument, and it is much more advanced than the screening method.

2, The Comparisons of the instrument value during different laser particle size analyzers

Sometimes the user will find the different laser particle size instrument gives the test results are different. The reasons for this phenomenon are the difference of the optical structure of the instrument, the difference of the data analysis software, the drift of the instrument working state, the artificial modification of the results (for example, in order to compare with the results of the screening) and so on. An effective way to solve this problem is to prepare standard samples for the industry to calibrate all the instruments. This requires the whole industry cooperation and efforts.

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