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What is the optical concentration of Particle Size Analysis

Shading rate can be defined as the ratio of the particles in the beam cross-section to the total area of laser beam, represented as The percentage of particles scattering and absorbing account of the total light output, Thus, shading rate, also known as optical concentration.

Specifically calculation:

Difference between the probe center light intensity I0 after laser pass through the pure medium and the probe center light intensity li after adding samples, Divided by light intensity I0, namely shading rate = (I0-Ii) / I0 x 100%,

Winner Laser particle size analyzer with channels the best optical density is between 10%-15%.

Optical concentration is different from Particle Volume (mass) concentration, The former is referent to particle size, smaller particle size, bigger specific surface area, the stronger the light-shielding ability.

Therefore, 2 samples of the same volume concentration, the smaller particles show a greater optical density in the laser particle size instrument.

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