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  • Winner2005B Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzer

  • Winner2005B Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzer

  • Winner2005B Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Winner2005B Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Winner2005B Laser particle size analyzer is with automatic wet dispersion unit, it's used to measure liquid particle size distribution range from 0.1 micron to 1000 micron, full computer control, simple to use

Products Description



Winner2005B intelligent full automatic laser diffraction particle size analyzer 

with principle of Mie Scattering to precisely determine the particle size distribution from 0.1μm to 1000 μm. It enables you understand materials well.


Abrasives, adhesives, agrochemical,barite, Batteries, Bentonite, Boron Carbide, Brucite, Bubble,Calcite, Calcium Carbonate, Carbon Black, Catalysts, Cement, Ceramics, Chemicals, Clay, Coal, Coatings, Corundum, Cosmetics, Diamond Powder, Dolomite, Diatomite,Emulsion, Environmental, Explosives, Ferrite, Flour, Fluorescent, Fluorite, Food & Beverage, Food Additive,Graphite, Grinding, Inks, Kaolin, Medicine, Metal Powder, Mica, Milling, Minerals,Oxides,Paints, Paper, Petrochemical, Pharmaceuticals, Pigments, Plaster, Plastics, Polymers,Quartz,Refractory, Resins, Silica, slurry, Soil Sediments, Starch, Sulfur, Synthetics, Talc, Toners, Tourmaline,Wollastonite, Zeolite, Zirconium Silicate etc etc. Industry.

 Winner2005B Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Main Specifications:


Model Name





MIE Scattering Principle

Size range



87 pcs


<1%   (Deviation of  D50 on national standard sample)


<1%   (Deviation of  D50 on national standard sample)


He-Ne Laser  λ= 632.8nm,  p>2mW

Auxiliary Laser: semiconductor λ= 650nmp>2mW

Service time>25000 hour

Wet dispersion


Frequency:40KHz   Power:35W,   Time: ≥1S


Revolutions Speed: 0-3000RPM (Adjustable)


Rated Flow:8L/min    Rated Power:10W

Sample tank

Volume: 350mL

Operation mode

Manual and Full automatic

Optical alignment system

Full automatic optical path alignment system

Software function

Analysis mode

Free Distribution, R-R Distribution, Logarithm Normal Distribution, Mesh number classification etc.

Statistic Method

Volume Distribution, Quantity Distribution


Statistic Comparison

Several Testing Results of samples

Different batches of samples testing result,

Samples before and after processing,

Test result of samples in different time.


User-defined Analysis

Figure out percentage according to the particle size

Figure out particle size according to the percentage

Figure out percentage according to the particle size range

Meet demands of representation of particle test in different industries

Test Report

Word, Excel,Photo( Bmp), Text etc

Multiple-language Support

Multiple language Support

Intelligent operation

 Automatically control water inflow, dispersion,test and analysis.Better Repeatability after remove human-factor

Report Items

Particle size distribution table&graph, average diameter, Median diameter, SSA, etc.

Testing speed

<2min/time (including all the procedures)

Running temperature

15 -35



Outer dimension


Net weight




Main Features:


1) Light path: Adopt converging light Fourier transform light path and orthogonal double laser beam patented technology, measure range expanded from 0.1μm-1000μm.    


2)Intelligent full automatic operation mode realize one key test, automatically supply water,ultrasonic dispersion, circulate and drain off water, so it not only could decrease workload, but also get better repeatability after remove human-factors errors.


3) Automatic Optical path alignment System,

The precision of four hybrid stepping motor in the automatic system of optical components, micro precision of 0.1um, the instrument of light path is always at its best to eliminate manually on the light path and the troubles and difficulties but also enhance the accuracy and stability of test results.



4)Full built-in Sample dispersion system,

Auto wet dispersion system,SOP realize one key operation.

set mechanical stirring, ultrasonic dispersion, and circulation path in one, It ensures particles uniform dispersion and distribution,avoids many bad phenomenon, such as uneven distribution of particles, large particles deposit because of the long outer dispersing system tube, it guarantees the representativeness of test result.



5)Analysis software:adopt unconstrained free fitting patent technology make particle analysis not be restricted by any functions, truly reflect particle size distribution.


6) High sensitive photodetectos gathering all the particles scattering signals, ensure the good accuracy.


7)Output parameters:(D50, D03, D06, D10, D16, D25, D75, D84, D90, D97,D98,set any value, S/V, D[3,2],D[4,3] )







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